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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my first post.    I was, in short time, able to get set up here on ghost, got my domain name, and linked the two.   My little corner of the internet at www.edsmoluk.com!     I'm excited....and scared.  I've not been a person to put myself out on the internet, but as Doc Brown said to Marty, "I figured....what the hell."

By day I'm a systems guy.  I've worked on the mainframe for most of my career.   Countless projects.   Mostly as a Tech Lead which means I lead a team of programmers.    Recently, I'm really enjoying SQL Server.  I love collecting tips & tricks that make life easier and I look forward to sharing and hearing new ones from you.

When I'm not building systems to meet business needs and solving computer-related puzzles, I'm into many hobbies.

I got into woodworking over the past year, as I suppose many people did in search of ways to spend time since we were all under house arrest.  I found a new joy. I'd like to share each of the things I've made so far from my first humble patio table to the custom shelf that hides all the wires on my desk.  

I've been a musician since age 9.    I sawed away on a violin through high school.    Since then I have a blast playing piano and guitar.  I try to play an instrument every day.  I always thought of it as getting the other side of my brain moving.  It's very relaxing.  

And then there's the world of games.  Board games, card games, video games.  

I recently found this guy Ali Abdaal on youtube.  He described how we all tend to live in our own little village.   And we're mostly keeping to ourselves, and the folks in our village.   But in order to learn...in order to share ideas...we need to go visit other villages.    This really resonated with me.    This site is my go at getting out of my village.    It's something I always wanted to do.  I hope that you might enjoy or learn from what I share.  And I can learn from you.    I think Ali used the word serendipity.    Yep, let's see what happens.

Pardon the sawdust (see what I did there) as I get the site into shape.   This is my first time doing this kind of thing since I used geocities.   Aaaand I just dated myself there.  

Cue the music...