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Braintoss app

Braintoss app

I enjoy tools and tips that improve productivity.    Recently, I was listening to Howard Stern and he mentioned that he loves an app called Braintoss.   This app is a thought capture tool so maybe he sends ideas off to Bababooey, Richard, and Sal. FA FA....FOOEY  

This app quickly captures a thought/idea and then sends it off to an email inbox.    I've tried the Reminders app on the phone, I've sent text messages to myself, but wanted something easier.  Something with no friction.


Check out this simple user interface.

A good user interface needs no explanation.  This is a nice example.  There are 3 ways to capture a thought:

  1. voice dictation
  2. type it in
  3. take a picture

And it's all super quick.  

My morning routine includes checking my personal email inbox.  So this is when I collect my braintoss items from the prior day.


I've been using this constantly.   Checking my history of thoughts, there are many use cases:

  • walking the dog, ideas and tasks coming to mind
  • at my son's soccer game, a parent shares a recommended mosquito deterrent
  • in bed in the quiet of the morning, ideas coming to the surface.  I want to play pool with my kids.
  • heard a song I want to check out
  • the news had something interesting I want to explore further
  • work ideas and follow-ups.  These seem to come to me in the shower.  Don't bring your phone into the shower though.

Lemon Squeezy

The app is also on my Apple Watch.  This uses the dictation mode.  It's sometimes choppy to get going but it's effective.    

I found a couple of extra setups that make for a truly frictionless thought capture on the iPhone.

  1. you can double-tap the back of the phone and launch Braintoss immediately.
  2. setup a Quickstart.  Make the Note feature (typing your thought) the default when the app opens.

Links that explain how to set up these cool things:

Back Tap to open the Braintoss app - Braintoss
Back Tap is just what it sounds like: it lets you tap the back of your iPhone to perform an action. The intended use case is to turn on another accessibility feature, such as VoiceOver or to perform an action on a hardware Switch Control. But the feature is extremely versatile: it can be set […]
Tutorials - Braintoss
On this page you’ll find tutorials on the features of Braintoss and the ways it can make you more productive.We’ll keep adding more videos so subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date!
scroll down to the Quickstart section

I think my only quibble is that on the iPad, it's basically the same app as the phone.  And it's in portrait mode only.  

The app is currently $2.99 on the Apple Appstore.    You can get half a cup of coffee for $2.99 so don't hesitate to get this app.

Motivational quote to ponder

One clear idea is too precious a treasure to lose.  - Caroline Gilman

For your ears

Just discovered this "lofi" stuff.     Good music style for focusing.